installing mediawiki

at home, Fedora 22

  • need to yum install php php-xml
  • “sudo restorecon -r /var/www/html/mediawiki-1.25.3/” or else local apache cannot read critical files in mediawiki directory

wiki “caching” problem

from email exchanges circa 4/24/2015 with Naomi Jarvis


  • create prospective image link
  • click on it; brings you upload page
  • upload the image
    • image does not appear on page after reload
    • clicking on link brings you back to the upload page

Work around

  • edit page
  • image appears, functions correctly as link

Naomi also sent email describing the problem, circa 4/25/15.

broken math on mediawiki

from Marty Wise

I don't remember all the background on this, but I've run in to this 
problem with our standard CUE wiki installation enough that I made 
some notes... Here's an excerpt...

 ... if everything is configured correctly. If the above doesn't 
 format correctly, but instead produces an error talking about 
 checking that everything is installed correctly, try: 

 root@server> fmtutil-sys --missing

 I'm not sure exactly what kind of LaTeX magic is going on here, but 
 it seems to make it work. 

I ran the preceding command on halldweb1 and the wiki started 
behaving itself.

Fixing private in the wiki

Made the following changes following example in old Hall D wiki (1.5.x[?])

In LocalSettings.php:

# The following lines are used to add custom namespaces that contain pages
# with selective release criteria. To create a new distribution policy,
# it is simple to create a new namespace to hold those pages and then modify
# the behavior in Title.php to implement the policy. Currently the Private
# namespace denies read access to anonymous users regardless of group policy.
# This was accomplished by editing a few lines in Title.php, marked "rtj".
$wgExtraNamespaces[100] = 'Private';
$wgExtraNamespaces[101] = 'Private_talk';
$wgContentNamespaces[] = 100;
define('NS_PRIVATE', 100);
define('NS_PRIVATE_TALK', 101);

In includes/Title.php:

/** some pages are explicitly disallowed [rtj] */
$ns = $this->getNamespace();
if( $wgUser->isAnon() && $ns == NS_PRIVATE) {
return false;

after line 1790. Also must defeat the “shortcut” mechanism when checking permissions.