websvn slowness

websvn on 12 gev initializes very quickly
∘ it is probably the size of the gluex repository that is causing the problem


upgrading websvn

  • websvn 2.3.2 was used in new installation on halldweb1
  • we were using v2.0rc4 on clasweb
  • works with only addition of one “$config->addRepository” to “include/config.php”
  • uses file:///group/halld/Repositories/svnroot

halldweb1 and halldnew

  • halldweb1 is running RHEL 4
  • compiled binaries not built directly on halldweb1 seem to have a problem with the wrong version of the glibc dynamic loader
  • static linking tried (g++ -Bstatic) but that was a weak attempt. Did not work.
  • halldnew is running RHEL 5 and does not exhibit the same problems with compiled binaries.
  • halldnew shares the same content directories as halldweb1, so no need to set thing up in a new area.
  • halldnew has different log directories. not sure where they are or if I have access to them
  • halldnew also runs a mysql server, but that does not share the same content as the mysql server on halldweb1
  • solution for now seems to be to use halldweb1 for mysql services and halldnew for web services.