Notes from Implementing Makefile for LAPACK/BLAS

  • is there a centos7, is it missing lapack-devel and blas-devel?
    • there is and they are both there
  • virtual box vm:
    • 2.5 GB of memory
    • 32 GB of disk

VirtualBox, options for fixes

  • options
    • waiting for a yum update
    • run as root
      • how to access virtual machine made as marki
    • go to Oracle version
      • how is repo file installed
      • does virtual machine need to be re-installed
    • upgrade to Fedora 14 and go from there
    • find another windows machine for acrobat
    • install windows as a native OS
    • go to another virtualization platform, e. g. VMware
  • decision:
    • short-term: run as root
    • long-term: upgrade to Fedora 14