Notes from Implementing Makefile for LAPACK/BLAS

  • is there a centos7, is it missing lapack-devel and blas-devel?
    • there is and they are both there
  • virtual box vm:
    • 2.5 GB of memory
    • 32 GB of disk

virtualbox kernel module upgrade problem

Got the following error trying to start windows under virtualbox on laptop (Dell E4300), as found in make.log file using DKMS to upgrade kernel module under Fedora 15:

fatal error: asm/amd_iommu.h: No such file or directory

Found a entry in the virtualbox forum that addresses the problem. Works flawlessly.

VirtualBox, running as root

  • Got it to run as root with pre-existing VM by copying entire contents of .VirtualBox from my home directory to root’s home directory.
  • Shared directories show up correctly when run as root. Files created in shared directories are owned by root when VirtualBox is run under root. Not good.
  • File for virual machine remains owned by marki (in /home/virtualbox on laptop).

VirtualBox, options for fixes

  • options
    • waiting for a yum update
    • run as root
      • how to access virtual machine made as marki
    • go to Oracle version
      • how is repo file installed
      • does virtual machine need to be re-installed
    • upgrade to Fedora 14 and go from there
    • find another windows machine for acrobat
    • install windows as a native OS
    • go to another virtualization platform, e. g. VMware
  • decision:
    • short-term: run as root
    • long-term: upgrade to Fedora 14