Notes on Installing GlueX Software on a Fedora 25 VirtualBox

Installing JLab certificate into system. Otherwise dnf cannot reach Fedora repositories.

To remove disk from virtual drive, use pull down next to “Optical Drive”

A dnf update of fedora 25 in VirtualBox VM gives “black screen”. No way to see if input is being input or not.



sharing folders with host in virtualbox

This is with a Linux host and a Windows guest.

In virtual machine window, upper dropdown menu:
Shared Folders…

On Shared Folders interface:
Icon: folder with a plus sign

In folder dialog:
Folder Path field, use dropdown arrow, select Other…, pick a folder in host chooser window

Give it a name in the Folder Name field.

Make Permanent if you do not want to do this every time.

Auto-mount if you do not want to mount every time.

To mount on virtual machine:
In a DOS window type:
net use x:\\vboxsvr\<drive name>