Gluex Install on Ubuntu 14.04.1

  • needed to do a “sudo apt-get update” this time before it succeeded (problem was prereqs???)
  • evio build failed
    • sent email to Carl it said:



See the error in the attached file. It comes from an attempt to build evio 
4.3.1 on ubuntu 14.04.1. I use the same procedure on my RHEL6 box and it works.

On ubuntu, it works if I add another search of libevio after the search of 
libevioxx, i. e.,

  ... -levio -levioxx -levio....

seems to do the trick. I have no idea how this can work on one place and not in 
the other. Looking for hints.

  -- Mark

Ubuntu packages needed for Gluex

Date: Tue, 14 Aug 2012 16:08:50 -0400
Subject: Ubuntu deps
From: Dmitry Romanov <>
To: Mark Ito <>

Thats a list of specific libraries I had to install to build the software

apt install gcc  g++ subversion
apt-get install apt-file

apt install mysql install mysql-client mysql-server mysql-workbench
libmysqlclient-dev mysql-common
apt install scons

#this will install almost all dependencies for out cernlib
apt install cernlib*
apt install cernlib-base-dev

apt install dpkg-dev make binutils libx11-dev libxpm-dev libxft-dev
libxext-dev gfortran libssl-dev libpcre3-dev xlibmesa-glu-dev
libglew1.5-dev libftgl-dev libmysqlclient-dev libfftw3-dev cfitsio-dev
graphviz-dev libavahi-compat-libdnssd-dev python-dev libxml2-dev
libkrb5-dev libgsl0-dev libqt4-dev

#other halld stuff
apt install x11-apps
apt install gmake
apt install liblapack-dev
apt install openmotif
apt install xutils-dev
apt install tcl
apt install tclsh
apt install perl
apt install expect expect-dev
apt install libxi-dev
apt install libbz2-dev
apt-get install tcsh

• xerces-c issue
∘ in util/Compilers/Makefile, GXX = <blank>, should be GXX = yes
∘ this causes unresolved reverence to stricmp and strnicmp
• looks like remake of CLHEP causes remake of GEANT4, a suspicion right now
• location of atlas version of lapack, blas different between Ubuntu 10.04 and 11.10

Ubuntu 11.10

> apt-file search liblapack.a
libatlas-base-dev: /usr/lib/atlas-base/atlas/liblapack.a
liblapack-dev: /usr/lib/lapack/liblapack.a

Ubuntu 10.04

> apt-file search liblapack.a
libatlas-3dnow-dev: /usr/lib/3dnow/atlas/liblapack.a
libatlas-base-dev: /usr/lib/atlas/liblapack.a
libatlas-sse-dev: /usr/lib/sse/atlas/liblapack.a
libatlas-sse2-dev: /usr/lib/sse2/atlas/liblapack.a
liblapack-dev: /usr/lib/liblapack.a