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Target Design Review

JLab: Chris Keith, Tim Whitlatch, Jim Fochtman, Mark Ito, Dave Meekins, Steve Christo
UMass: Rory Miskimen

  • target qualified at 2 atm
  • 5 mil Kapton
  • seam along target cell a weak point
  • maximum wall thickness?
    • what is in MC
  • define pressure boundary to be scattering chamber and not target itself
    • scatt. chamber must be less than 6 in. diameter
  • pressure switch on vacuum, cuts off ignition sources

Target Design Meeting, September 2, 2011

Chris Keith, Tim Whitlatch, Jim Fochtman, MMI

  • a lot of items due by january
  • hoegie can make vacuum can
  • pressure transducers have to be hydrogen safe
    • can get stuff Chris has been getting
  • target group will make the panel
  • Chris should see the racks allocated to him
  • no requirement for automatic switching between hydrogen and deuterium
  • goal: over next few months flesh out details of design
  • Jim has design for heat exchanger, extension to coil/condenser
  • 500 G limit on cold head: why?
  • design presentation, before October 1, by Jim; Chris, Dave Meekins, Steve Christo, Tim, MMI, Rory
  • assemble and test in EEL, with scattering chamber
  • Hall B target test stand
  • Chris will make a list for procurements
  • vacuum gauges, turbo pump
  • if turbopump running, need electronics to shut it down, if hydrogen leak occurs