Notes from HPS DAQ/Offline Review


data catalog
project management updates to timeline
conditions system
readiness stance
mock data challenge

offline, Matt:

daq Sergey B.:

sep oct
install oct nov
beam mid nov
next year spring, real data

Ryan svt:

how is pilelined read-out handled



comments and recs for UMass


0. in production now, problems hsould be addressed soon
1. software button
proceed with current procedure for now
JLab: fix this, resources should be found
2. Auto analysis
3. board end-to-end with one cres
4. schedule needs to be developed
5. board 9
6. 10 board run through, including shipping
7. shipping concern: size of evelope
8. work schedule
9. problem boards sent quickly to JLab

Recommendations: 2, 6, 9

Questions from committee, software review


All Halls:

What # times to reprocess was assumed in the storage and CPU estimates?

Discuss your tools for software quality assurance.

Hall B/D:

Describe your system for cataloging and managing the data (including data quality)?

Hall D:

At what level of parallelism will serial l/O R/W hit a limit?

What is the planned latency between data acquired and completed calibrated reconstruction?

Hall B:

Provide a written outline of a plan for data challenges including scaling up end-to-end processing to a reasonable fraction of production running.

What information is included in the large amount of reconstructed data? Why do you need the reconstructed data for the full sample?

Software Review Planning Meeting, January 27, 2012

Responses to Manpower estimate request:

Curtis: PaulM WillL CurtisM
Franz: Franz
Richard: prof, staff scientist, grad studentX5 (3 on analysis)
Volker: Volker, Nathan, possible new student

online vs offline in review: Curtis noticed this in Sandy’s slides check into this

Possible sources of manpower
ryan: framework for dst analysis
regina: now that construction is over

software development, not analysis in manpower estimate

put next meeting on the calendar