Installing JLab’s PKI certificate into Google Chrome

  • download certificate (.crt file) from
  • in chrome download box, click on open, should open certificate import dialog box
  • expand Details heading to check signature
  • click on Import at bottom of dialog box
  • provide your gnome2 keyword password, perhaps your login password when the nssdb directory was created under $HOME/.pki
  • in chrome settings, under advanced settings, HTTPS/SSL, clicking on Manage certificates…gets you nowhere



Set-up for Empathy at JLab

select Jabber
Jabber ID =
Jabber password = leave blank
uncheck “Remember Password” box
click on “Log in”

This won’t do it.

Click on “Edit Connection Parameters…”

click on advanced

Under “Overide server settings”, Server is

click on “Apply” button

“This connection is untrusted” dialog: click on “Continue”

“password” dialog: enter password, uncheck “Remember Password”