HDDM documentation

Looked around for hddm documentation, but could not find much. Here are some items:

  • Gluex Note 65: Only formal note found. Describes how to create a data model. Does not say anything about how to read and write the files.
  • Examples from original learning phase: $HDSVN/trunk/home/marki/gluex/hddm . Contains example of a “simple” reading and writing of hddm.
  • Example of writing a more sophisiticated hddm file: $HDSVN/trunk/home/marki/gluex/fitter, and of reading same to create a root tree: $HDSVN/trunk/home/marki/fitter_tree .
  • Blog post referencing email request for documentation
  • Email admitting of no formal documentation for using the auto-generated API.