Talking with Carl Zorn about SiPM’s

  • talked to Carl Zorn
  • different arrangements are possible from Hamamatsu
  • different chassis are also possible, e. g., three-sides buttable, other than the ceramic
  • first device that they played around with was mounting individual 3mm x 3mm sensors on a custom board
  • mounting was done here, the guy who did it now has his own company
  • mounting not a huge deal, not for amateurs, but not beyond normal surface mount technology
  • custom arrangement possible but likely expensive for small quantities
  • mounting sensors on custom board may be cheap
  • recommends call Hamamatsu and discussing needs with them
    • sales: Samir Patel
    • engineer: Earl Hergert
  • Carl will send presentation that shows variety of products

Target Design Review

JLab: Chris Keith, Tim Whitlatch, Jim Fochtman, Mark Ito, Dave Meekins, Steve Christo
UMass: Rory Miskimen

  • target qualified at 2 atm
  • 5 mil Kapton
  • seam along target cell a weak point
  • maximum wall thickness?
    • what is in MC
  • define pressure boundary to be scattering chamber and not target itself
    • scatt. chamber must be less than 6 in. diameter
  • pressure switch on vacuum, cuts off ignition sources

Meeting with Hamamatsu Guys

  • eight stage tube
    • lower gain
    • better than lowering voltage on the 10 stage tube
    • different length
    • R9779
    • they have lifetime data
  • current limit
    • they are getting numbers from the factory for the 10430 (10- stage)
    • physical limit is destroying the last dynode
    • the current on the spec sheet is the highest recommended anode current
    • the divider current should be about 20 times the anode current to get good operation
  • present
    • Hamamatsu: Tom Bailey, Andrew Allen, Yoshihito Ito, Kenichi Sato, unidentified American guy
    • JLab: Elton Smith, Mark Ito, Beni Zihlmann

Talking to Carl about SiPM’s

Spoke with Carl Zorn on 12/21/2010.

On using high temperature as a proxy for radiation damage:

  • elevated temperature a fine stand-in for radiation damage
  • factor of 2 for 10 C rise in temperature
  • might have to increase the bias voltage to increase the breakdown voltage[?]

On sending another device:

  • he will look for another device to send Werner
  • perhaps an irradiated one can be sent
  • about 80 are due in March