GlueX Meeting Report

December 5, 2017

  • New release last night: sim-recon 2.20.1
    • fixes problem with xpath specifications
    • brings code into alignment with current reconstruction pass
  • Computing Round Table at 1 pm



GlueX Meeting Report, November 7, 2017

  • New work disk
    • 60 TB being rsync’ed now
    • started last Thu.? Fri?, 1/3 done
    • deleting files appreciated
  • amptools 0.9.3, sim-recon 2.19.0 released
  • Physics will initiate another procurement of Lustre-based disk, 200 TB worth, to augment our volatile and work space. There is the possibility for more if we can justify it.
  • This afternoon: Computing Round Table, 1 pm, F113,
    • Andrea Dotti (SLAC), Frank Gaede (DESY), and Brett Viren (BNL) will discuss the geometry and detector description from the perspectives of the Geant4, DD4hep, and GeGeDe projects.


GlueX Meeting Report, July 19, 2017

  • New version package: version_2.13.2.xml
    • New versions of jana, sim-recon, root, ccdb, hdgeant4, and gluex_root analysis
    • faster CCDB startup, but fix to end problem, included
    • Corresponding release of HDPM 0.7.2
  • mcsmear development branch, Sean
  • Running mini launches on the grid
    • updates to OSG capabilities from Richard and Sean
  • HDvis update
    • Runs in the browser
    • Reads events from a Jana-based server
  • Computing Round Table
    • OSG: GlueX experience – Prof. Richard Jones (University of Connecticut)
    • OSG: Overview and plans – Prof. W├╝rthwein Frank (University of
      California, San Diego)
    • Experience with Singularity – Dr. Matthew Vaughn (Texas Advanced
      Computing Center)