GlueX Meeting Report, July 17, 2018


GlueX Meeting Report, June 5, 2018

  • David running jobs at NERSC using standard container for the system code and our Oasis CVMFS share for the user code.
  • Richard has written guidance on how to use the Singularity container to do development work on various computing platforms (64-bit, x86 architecture).
  • We decided to look seriously into splitting sim and recon to help with software version management.
  • submit node will get an OSG software stack upgrade tomorrow, Wed. June 6.
  • Software tag for doing large scale production on OSG built. bggen simulation ready to start on OSG after upgrade
  • The default source of geometry information is now the CCDB
  • scratch disk policy change. The life of unread files has been increased from 14 days to 60 days
  • Splitting up sim-recon into sim and recon
  • Transitioning to HDGeant4

GlueX Bi-Weekly Meeting Report

March 13, 2018

  • New sim-recon release, version 2.24.0.
  • MCwrapper 1.13 has been released.
  • Open Science Grid open for business (OSG-OFB) for GlueX simulations for all collaborators
    • software and database update being done automatically
      • 3 new builds out there
      • calibration constants (CCDB) and run constants (RCDB) updated nightly
    • mechanism for random trigger distribution in place
    • access via MCwrapper transparently
    • N. B: you need to get a personal certificate from the OSG. See the preparation section of “Using the Grid” on the wiki.
  • Other container related work continues
    • Running at NERSC.
    • Container standardization/distribution.
    • Using GlueX software on your desktop via containers.
    • We are still meeting weekly on container-related topics.


GlueX Meeting Report

    1. Improved parameters for track matching to the FCAL. See New sim-recon release: version 2.23.0
    2. Disk space under /work increased from 66 TB to 110 TB
    3. Restoring RCDB reads of SQLite files, new library introduced SQLiteCpp. See New releases: build_scripts 1.26, rcdb 0.03, sqlitecpp 2.2.0, sim-recon 2.26.0, hdgeant4 1.6.0
    4. GlueX reconstruction bench-marked on Cori I & II. See GlueX + NERSC
    5. Not-the-TOF Anomaly in Monitoring Histograms is being worked on. May force a re-do of reconstruction of Spring 2017 data.
    6. Several of us have started meeting to discuss use of containers (Docker, Singularity) in various computing contexts (NERSC, OSG, JLab farm, personal laptops). All welcome.