Meaning of EVMS matrix table

Progress reported by FSU will fill in a particular column.

Progress reported will be the sum of progress in a row, with each column weighted by the factors shown in the table, with the factors normalized to 100%


EVMS for TOF Construction

Spoke with Phil Kessler on 9/12/2012

  • usually reports are done monthly
  • needs to be done by September: cost incurred in the past cannot be moved and some are ending in September
  • just percentages no good for reporting progress
  • progress can be claimed for items scheduled for future months


  • Does this consitute a change request?
  • What costs have already been booked?
  • What costs have been claimed?

Evolution of costs in FSU APP

  • start with spreadsheet from 17 Mar 2011, 12 GeV WBS 15231….xlsx in Contract_FSU folder, gives a breakdown by fiscal year, numbers appear in APP v2, on 17 Mar 2011
  • subtractions are made for phototubes in fy12 only and fy10 and fy11 are dropped in APP v3
  • numbers remain in place for APP v4, the lastest
  • put baseline from 3/2/11 into spreadsheet, get correct totals
  • Note: spreadsheet made to give full breakdown: Documents/work/Contract_FSU/tof_BL_2011-03-02.ods