HDDS-to-ROOT geometric correspondences

In hdds-root.cpp you see as elements are found in the HDDS file, corresponding ROOT geometry objects are created in the output file,  hddsroot.h. The correspondences are:

HDDS element gGeoManager function
box MakeBox
eltu MakeEltu
tubs MakeTube or MakeTubs
trd MakeTrap
pcon MakePcon
pgon MakePgon
cons MakeCone or MakeCons
sphere MakeSphere

Convo with Dmitry, March 21, 2017

  • need organization for event display work, meetings? task list?
  • student from MEPhI needs account
    • will work on CCDB, RCDB
  • want to unify technology approach between CCDB and RCDB
    • CCDB: CGI script
    • RCDB: FLASK (Python-based)
  • schedule CCDB/RCDB Plans talk at software meeting for D.



GlueX Event Display Meeting, March 14, 2017

Action items:

  • Dmitry: contact developers about EVE
  • Mark: work through EVE examples
  • Thomas: study the hdview2 interface to ROOT



EVE references


Meeting with Dmitry, November 2012, II

  • Event display, Jana interface is next
  • EVE will be a plug-in
  • ROOT geometry from Ed Brash is OK
  • read it into ROOT, produce a file with native EVE geometry, read the EVE in.

Meeting with Dmitry, November 2012, I

  • OpenGL issues
  • working with hddsroot.h as base of geometry
  • CCDB on web: do a pure Python implementation