software review preparation, April 27, 2012

Not sure about the date.

According to Matt:

  • 20 kHz raw event rate
  • 1/10 of that is data we analyze
  • 1/100 of that is what we fit for a single channel


  • I: 1 PAC month, hardware check-out, see beam, 10^6 photons/s
  • II: 1 PAC month, commissioning
  • III: 2 PAC months, physics
  • IV: high intensity, with level 3 trigger

possible abstract for talk

The GlueX Experiment will begin taking data next year at CEBAF at Jefferson Lab. CEBAF is being upgraded to deliver 12 GeV electrons and GlueX will receive a secondary, tagged photon beam with linear polarization in a new experimental hall, Hall D. Over the past few years the collaboration has worked preparing offline software to do event simulation, event reconstruction, and data analysis in preparation for the beginning of operations. The overall structure of this effort and recent progress will be presented along with a description of a recent data challenge completed to test scaling of computing infrastructure.