Notes on adding a check-out option to builds

  • needed for sim-recon, hdds, ccdb, and jana
  • two tags: version and url, mutually exclusive, drive access method
    • if no version and no url, checkout latest
  • new tag: dirtag, added to end of both tarball and check-out directory names
    • dir name for checkout = package-name [+ dirtag]
    • dir name for tarball = tar-determined name [+ dirtag]
  • prereqs:
    • if prereq package from tar file, there is a version number encoded in directory name, dirname is in home variable, get the version number from there
    • if prereq package from checkout, home directory is sufficient to get url of repository location, that info can be written as url tag

cernlib, 64-bit, MacOS

  • Was able to get a complete build of cernlib on ifarml6 (Fedora 8, 64-bit) and run the b1pi script against that producing reasonable histograms.
  • Ran into problems trying to do the same on eleanor (MacOS 10.6). Noted problems in an email to David Lawrence.