home and branch do not play well together?

If home is defined, then the repository is cloned. if branch is specified, then that branch should be checked out. not so for sim-recon apparently.

Current behavior is to ignore dirtag, branch, url, and hash if home is defined. If you want to check-out a you need to branch, specify url and branch and not home.

Changed behavior so that dirtag, url, branch, and hash tags show up in the environment if they are defined even if home is defined.


New strategy for “prod” links

  • if home variable not defined, could
    • a) check for prod version and use that
    • b) set-up nothing
  • option (a) gives Beni problem: does not want to use hdgeant4, but finds it is inconsistent
    • solved by not defining hdgeant4 home as prod if hdgeant4_home is not defined. if hdgeant4 tag is missing in version.xml then hdgeant4_home will not be defined (previous behavior). change was in gluex_env.(c)sh.
  • what to do:
    • if version = “prod”, use prod
    • home missing
      • skip set-up by default
      • use prod if prod_setup = true

have build scripts use native ccdb set-up[?]

  • can’t do setup if ccdb not there
  • setup will fail if ccdb is not there, even for use
  • green field problem:
    • gluex install could download and unpack ccdb first, perhaps even build
      • take a peek at the makefile, see if this is possible
      • not easy to grab ccdb in the middle of environment setup
  • copy scripts from ccdb, check consistency?
    • would give false inconsistencies
  • Just do the copy, do not check consistency
    • problem with where script resides?
  • need a check that the environment set-up is the same between master branch of both
  • it’s a can of worms, leave things alone for now


Notes on adding a check-out option to builds

  • needed for sim-recon, hdds, ccdb, and jana
  • two tags: version and url, mutually exclusive, drive access method
    • if no version and no url, checkout latest
  • new tag: dirtag, added to end of both tarball and check-out directory names
    • dir name for checkout = package-name [+ dirtag]
    • dir name for tarball = tar-determined name [+ dirtag]
  • prereqs:
    • if prereq package from tar file, there is a version number encoded in directory name, dirname is in home variable, get the version number from there
    • if prereq package from checkout, home directory is sufficient to get url of repository location, that info can be written as url tag