Cernlib build error on CentOS6

stddef.h error from makedepend
Vogt wants it in /usr/include, CentOS6 has it in /usr/include/linux


Notes on GlueX from-scratch build

On roentgen, running RHEL6, x86_64

  • packages
    • root:
      • libXpm-devel
    • sim-recon:
      • bzip2
      • blas-devel
      • lapack-devel
    • geant4
      • libXi-devel
    • cernlib
      • need link for /usr/include/freetype. There does not seem to be a rpm for this.
  • issue with using 2005 for 64-bit
    • default set-up prefers 2006
    • could base set-up on bitness
    • could call vogt 2005
    • could make default 2005 in setup
    • could make default prod in setup
      • would need to add prod to cernlib build

cernlib, 64-bit, MacOS

  • Was able to get a complete build of cernlib on ifarml6 (Fedora 8, 64-bit) and run the b1pi script against that producing reasonable histograms.
  • Ran into problems trying to do the same on eleanor (MacOS 10.6). Noted problems in an email to David Lawrence.



Talking to Maurizio about CERNLIB

  • CLAS uses the Steve Wood apps version on the CUE for their nightly builds. I assume that this is the only “official” build extant.
  • Maurizio was using the version in /usr/lib for some work he was doing under RedHat. He agreed with the statement that these libraries are missing the FLUKA code.
  • Asked Craig Bookwalter about what he was using and Craig seemed to be using /usr/lib as well.

SciComp Meeting, July 30, 2010

  • what version of geant4 is being used by clas? Maurizio: 4.9.3.p01, clhep
  • who build cernlib on 64 bit? johann?, saw, usr/lib version
  • is there an smtp server that does not require username and password on the queue?
  • IT steering comm. tue at 4, F224/5