Creating a Singularity Container for Building

April 10, 2018

To build a sandbox container from latest CentOS7:

sudo /usr/local/bin/singularity build --sandbox centos7.builder Singularity.centos7.builder

To enter the container and make modifications to it (e. g., install RPMs via gluex_install):

sudo /usr/local/bin/singularity shell --bind /home/marki/gluex_install:/root/gluex_install --writable centos7.builder

SCRUM Meeting, April 5, 2018

  • EIC calendar link needed
  • No way to save work without sending to the publisher. Really?
  • Disappear from the content menu[?]
  • Responsible Associate Director notification, plan for the feature exists
  • ADs need to be Publishers
  • Persona emails: definition?
  • Content type for event services events
  • Design needed
  • Solr search on going, pretty close to starting crawler

RCDB/CCDB Ad Hoc Meeting

April 3, 2018

Present: Dmitry, Sean, Thomas, MMI

  • D. wanted to plan roadmap for future development
  • T.: Javascript API
    • Proposed in run browser context
    • D: RCDB Python API should do it
    • May want to scrap Python, run only once, supply dynamic parts via Javascript
    • Python tries to cache RCDB info, that takes a long time.
    • This is a ticked in RCDB, Thomas will review it
  • CCDB Issues on GitHub
    • D.: some have been implemented, just not on the master
    • They may be on branch 1.07
    • S: v1.06.02 reports itself as 1.07, log reporting is wrong
    • Important issues according to S.
      1. log report improvements
      2. deprecated tables
      3. blame: who put in constants
    • Mark added: 4. ancestry date control
      • D.: feature coded, control levers not there
  • High-level analysis results in a timeline
    • T.: Eugene brought this up at morning RC meeting
    • Two options
      1. put into online monitoring database (OMDB, maintained by Sean)
      2. put into RCDB
    • Time-series webpage that uses OMDB not useable at present.
    • OMDB designed for this purpose
    • If in RCDB, new features could be applied to this function
  • Development issues for RCDB, from D.
    • API for extracting info: need tutorial on new best practices
    • Improve usage of features for storing/retrieving data in/from RCDB
      • review methods in DAQ scripts
      • config files stored in RCDB: parsers available to get desired fields
      • better use of aliases where appropriate
  • New features: produce ROOT trees from RCDB (CCDB?)


GlueX Bi-Weekly Meeting Report

March 13, 2018

  • New sim-recon release, version 2.24.0.
  • MCwrapper 1.13 has been released.
  • Open Science Grid open for business (OSG-OFB) for GlueX simulations for all collaborators
    • software and database update being done automatically
      • 3 new builds out there
      • calibration constants (CCDB) and run constants (RCDB) updated nightly
    • mechanism for random trigger distribution in place
    • access via MCwrapper transparently
    • N. B: you need to get a personal certificate from the OSG. See the preparation section of “Using the Grid” on the wiki.
  • Other container related work continues
    • Running at NERSC.
    • Container standardization/distribution.
    • Using GlueX software on your desktop via containers.
    • We are still meeting weekly on container-related topics.


Sqlite version requirement imposed by SQLiteCpp

Users on RedHat Enterprise Linux 6 or CentOS 6 will now have to use a private version of SQLite. The version shipped with the distribution is too old. Some options:

Option 1: Environment variable based.

1) Build SQLite.
2) set the SQLITE_HOME environment variable.

Option 2: OS based.

Have flags for Redhat6 everywhere.

1) modify your version.xml to have a version of sqlite defined
2) do your build

Option 3: make sqlite a required library

1) when version.xml is updated, make sure sqlite is present in your community build
2) opt out by using version=”distribution”

The Error

This is the error that you get when trying to build SQLiteCpp with a version 3.6 era sqlite library:

[ 14%] Building CXX object CMakeFiles/SQLiteCpp.dir/src/Backup.cpp.o
/u/scratch/marki/sqlt2/SQLiteCpp-2.2.0/src/Backup.cpp: In member function 'int SQLite::Backup::executeStep(int)':
/u/scratch/marki/sqlt2/SQLiteCpp-2.2.0/src/Backup.cpp:87:51: error: 'sqlite3_errstr' was not declared in this scope
throw SQLite::Exception(sqlite3_errstr(res), res);
make[3]: *** [CMakeFiles/SQLiteCpp.dir/src/Backup.cpp.o] Error 1