Scrum Meeting, July 19, 2018

  • Dave Ivans, JR, Dave, Kandace, Lauren, MMI
  • EIC site discussed
  • allow animations in banner and top images
  • search beefing up is seeding specific searches into the crawler
  • duplicate search results due to multiple name tags in a page (perhaps).
  • conferences content type needs priority upgrade



SciComp Meeting, July 19, 2018

  • farm nodes are here, came monday, 22 chassis of quads
  • centos7.4 or centos7.2, will do 7.4
  • singularity updates
  • disk servers here, missing some cables
  • 4 new lustre, 2 for physics, 2 for lattice, 400 TB net
  • ssd’s on order, want before fall run
  • 4 more lt08 before run as well
  • nodes reserved for 9 am tomorrow
  • rhel5 going away
  • oracle java
  • rpm -qf `which java`
  • Ying will start on Auger on top of slurm

GlueX Meeting Report, July 17, 2018

Instructions for Running the bggen Launch

find the config files:

change MCbggen.config to properly point at you files/locations for:
environment file
jana config file


once the new MCwrapper is out in the wild/in you path: MCbggen.config 11366-11555 100000000 per_file=100000 batch=1 base_file_number=0

where base_file_number is what you want the first file’s number to be and batch=1 says “go to osg”

ultimately we want ~3 billion (~50% of 2016)

GlueX Meeting Report, June 5, 2018

  • David running jobs at NERSC using standard container for the system code and our Oasis CVMFS share for the user code.
  • Richard has written guidance on how to use the Singularity container to do development work on various computing platforms (64-bit, x86 architecture).
  • We decided to look seriously into splitting sim and recon to help with software version management.
  • submit node will get an OSG software stack upgrade tomorrow, Wed. June 6.
  • Software tag for doing large scale production on OSG built. bggen simulation ready to start on OSG after upgrade
  • The default source of geometry information is now the CCDB
  • scratch disk policy change. The life of unread files has been increased from 14 days to 60 days
  • Splitting up sim-recon into sim and recon
  • Transitioning to HDGeant4

How to Create a New OSG Singularity Container

  1. create a repository on GitHub
    • must contain a Dockerfile in the top level
    • sufficient if not necessary: clone another such repository, e. g. JeffersonLab/gluex_docker_prod
    • call it my_account_github/my_container_github
  2. create a repository on DockerHub
    • from Dashboard (e. g. for account my_account_docker):
      • Use Create pull-down
      • Click on Create Automated Build
      • Click on Create Auto-build/Github (GitHub account must have been linked in advance)
      • Click on the GitHub repository created above (my_account_github/my_container_github)
      • Fill in the Create Automated Build form
        • choose Public for Visibility
        • give the repository a name for Docker
        • E. g., my_container_docker
    • new repository should show up on the Dashboard (my_container_docker)
      • Click on new repository, should see Source Repository box filled in with my_account_github/my_containter_github
  3. to trigger build, change Dockerfile on GitHub on the master branch
    • must be something other than comments
  4. Ask Richard to submit a pull request to list the new Docker repository on the OSG list
    • He needs to add the Docker repository (e. g., my_account_docker/my_container_docker) as a single line to the file docker_images.txt in the top level of the opensciencegrid/cvmfs-singularity-sync repository.
    • A corresponding singularity container (my_container_docker) will appear in the OSG cvmfs share (/cvmfs/
    • Successful builds of the Docker container will refresh the Singularity container.