Talking to Youri, March 26, 2013

Spoke with ouri Sharabian about how he bent his start counter.

  • Youri did not do any of the bending himself. All bending and cutting was done by Eljen. His contact: Chuck Hurlbut.
  • The CLAS start counter has 6 flat sides with each side consisting of 4 counters, two edge counters and two middle counters. The middle counters have no taper in the nose. All of the taper is in the edge counters.

GlueX Meeting Report, March 20, 2013

FIU contract

  • Werner submitted technical proposal to University, circulated among committee members.


  • first-article counters constructed, 2 regular, 2 short, 2 narrow
  • mini-TOF has been put together, some minor mechanical adjustment issues finessed, looks pretty good
  • readiness review on Friday,
    • Beni, Chuck, Bruce will travel.


  • Meeting this afternoon, first since collaboration meeting.
  • HDDM changes, rationalizing method for storing information known only by the simulation, clear separation, pre-cursor to Geant 4 conversion.